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XTB Trading is the world's leading independent financial Trading house, Bitcoin miner and consultancy. Headquartered in the City of Calofornia, we are present in over 12 countries. Through our in-depth market and sector knowledge, we provide a unique, premined, proof of work CryptoCurrency- TelcoCoin. This puts us in an excellent position to address the increasingly Cryptocoin needs of our clients.

The XTB Trading Computer is a step along the path towards redecentralizing mining. To do this, we've introduced a concept we call "buffered pool mining", which smooths out undesirable variance in the time to mine bitcoin.

At a high level, the goal of buffered pooled mining is to allow each participant in a mining pool to draw bitcoin on demand from their current and future hashrate contribution without waiting for a long or unpredictable amount of time. This quantity of bitcoin is large enough for many programming purposes, such as micropayments.

To explain how it works in detail, let's review how traditional mining works, and then pool mining, and then get into buffered pool mining.


XTB Trading is the world leader in Crypto Trading, Cloud Mining & Latest News On Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Virtual currencies.